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My Mother Hated My Guts ; That's My Life

Mum hates my guts they’re too good to be true. My ego is admirable she wonders “why I’m not interested in her profession” to develop her legacy. Why do parents care so much about who continues their legacy? Every child has different visions and aspirations for life. and won’t subject themselves to compromise for any of their parent’s choices. Does it mean the child had jeopardized everything ever worked for?

I hardly engage her with my plans because her feelings get in the way and not a good precision. I come from a family where we don’t engage in anyone’s plans. Does seem like we are not united, but no, our perspectives differ. She thinks we're “maniacs” – zombies who only obey their own commands.
She doesn’t hate who I am. But her feelings spill hurt showing no interest in her kind of profession. “As a son” I’m expected to date my parents’ professional life– awesome. For me, it doesn't work. My path is to liberate people from a certain set of mental blocks. Can’t get boxed in the same cave I am wanting to unbox others from. Does that make sense? Anyways it’s up to me at the end of the day.

“Decadence is in myopic mannerism” In so many ways you’re limited to what others set in expectations. About the fact that a parent's legacy proves fidelity to purpose in life. And when the child doesn’t go that route - it's a lead to astray.

I ask what a legacy means in comparison to what's parenting. These are different commodities that align together. The ruling is similar in respect to the order they have in relevance.
But our reasoning as humans differ. I love what she does and many times I have tried developing an interest. At some point, she thought I reconsidered. But no –my vision serves a different course

I remember making my own beats, songs and sourcing for record deals all around Lagos. In the eyes of my family I was a failure. Who wakes up early in the morning writing songs? This made me look unserious and like someone wasting his essence of life. I forfeited that dream of becoming a music artist. Now that I took a different route to fulfil my purpose in life. Should you subscribe to obeying your parent's legacy and giving up yours?

What's in my gut she hated? "The courage to do something is the most ridiculous of your characteristics as a human being." The weight confidence holds itself threatens people. The only way to bring you to their level is to award disbelief. You get wrapped up in their controlled lies. In my guts is the riskiest pattern. Could dispel or give progression to one’s life. Knowing that raises her doubt if I'll succeed at it. Her fears of me losing spikes the hate for my guts but she’s got no choice understanding I’m not giving up this time.

Is it about my guts or trying to taint my mother? This is my life that I can't afford to play politics with. Reality displeases our desires. Comes in two different pictures pointing at the same thing. Desires are what we expect the process to be while Reality is the exaction of the process. There is no point forming modesty. If it's for the pose.

In perspective, my mother had her reasons for hating those guts, but I did the most in actions. Bowing to her resize of how my future should look haunted the expectation. For, that I hated my guts and turned them into compassion. When I quit music, no one asked me to, displeasure showed up. The decision lies with me which shows I’m an easy mount for pressure. “Sometimes what you believe place you bereave, but only you can presume it not dead.” I realized blaming her is another excuse not to acknowledge my misappropriation too.

Ask yourself, how much guts do you have for what you got to do? What forms your guts? Do you hate your guts or have anyone hating on it?
One thing about human existence is that things don't go in the way expected.
In all, what is my presumption? Why fixate belief? That is no way to build a legacy or believe in one. This goes to guidance in building up a legacy. Do you transfer wealth expecting long time development without teaching management wisdom?

When someone doesn't understand the management of their involvement it results in waste. Not that interest got lost for legacies but the wisdom to make it a priority should make up the investment.
Our desires stem from seeing our children lead in our footsteps. Which at times may not sit well with every person. We understand our patterns likewise the world is evolving. It’s like revolution every time you pick yourself up. The reality check differs. Your projection may not align with mine. Why should I trust the legacy you build?

I need to trust the process to trust your proposition. I have my life as much as you do. Don’t expect me to lead your path if it’s not aligning with my purpose. Many times, I've heard, that if you don’t do a particular thing your parents or guardian wants you to. It’s likely you miss your way in life.

How so?
Legacy shouldn’t truncate anyone's goal and vision. The essence of building one is to impend management wisdom. If my father had written a will I may have lost my purpose in life because;

(1) I may not find happiness walking that path

(2) I am only getting happy because of the monetary fiscal. Where the problem lies; I am not taught how to manage things so my idea will be "I can do as I want with this much, I am left with"

(3) I will end up miserable. I wouldn’t want all these. Even though I didn’t, my own wealth is not managed. Lacking that management wisdom goes a long way.

Management wisdom must fill up your guts. To manage talent, intelligence, patterns, habits, success, and results. The strings your guts pull will attract hatred and disgust, but that's alright. Because having that managerial wisdom shines and sharpens your purpose armor.

I love my mother. Her hating those guts opened my eyes and senses to a whole lot I didn’t know and misunderstood.

I'm grateful!